No Other Gods

May 29th, 2015

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Acts 17:16-34

There is something enthralling about the city of Athens. Athens is a city with a glorious history, where people worshipped magical gods. One of the most influential civilizations in the ancient world flourished in Athens. Today this divine city still is alive and large.

Historic Athens was no different than our world today–a city full of counterfeit idols, where a culture pursued pleasure. When we repeatedly worship worldly treasures instead of God, He calls that idolatry. Idolatry elevates pleasure in things, position, or people above pleasure in God. God considers that a sin. In this view of life everything must be evaluated on whether it satisfies our desires. We devour the bait because we are spiritually hungry.

What we humans really desire, and long for, is a connection to God Almighty. God wants us to step out in faith, to bury our idols and false gods–those things that rival His rightful place in our lives. Only He has the power, and the desire, to give us a better life.

Author: Kimberly Davidson


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