Living on the Edge

May 27th, 2015

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Matthew 10:5-20

Jesus promised His followers the world would hate and persecute them. Yet they still signed up for the mission trip–a crucial, strategic, and demanding kingdom mission to spread the Good News. They were warned about repeated arrest, against being brought before government officials, kings, and courts. Jesus told them to not be upset. It was a blessing. Without knowing it, they would have a platform for preaching the kingdom news!

Being a missionary for Christ is costly. Jesus doesn’t offer His followers an easy ride. Faithful believers all over the world know the harsh reality of Jesus’ words. They encounter torturous beatings, death threats, and imprisonment on a daily basis. But despite great hostility, they press onward to proclaim the Good News of Christ to unsaved souls.

Do you have the courage, the faith, the fire?  Are you ready for God to shake you up and possibly lose some friends? Consider it an honor to share in the opposition and mockery. We can be confident because Jesus gives us the power to persevere.

Author: Kimberly Davidson


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