God’s Promise To All

May 23rd, 2015

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Acts 2:14-24, 37-41

After the manifestation of God’s Holy Spirit, Peter preached a sermon explaining God’s promise. Juanita heard her husband’s sermon where he emphasizes what the church should be because of the promise of the Spirit.

In order to draw people into the church, the members need to be united, not bickering and critical. They need to giving and friendly. They should welcome visitors and seekers with Christ’s love. The church should be spiritual, seeking to help others in their own neighborhood. In addition, it should be a missionary church, giving to reach those who still need Jesus–people in our community and those around the world.

My husband titled his sermon “My Dream Church.” Even though he has preached this sermon to many churches, whether as pastor or visiting preacher, he has never seen this “dream church.” Nevertheless, he keeps telling the people about it, encouraging churches try to attain the goal given by Peter in this passage.

We may never be a “dream church,” but we can experience divine blessing and power as we yield our lives to Him.

Author: Juanita Weir Nobles


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