Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit

May 21st, 2015

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Luke 24:36-49

Promises. Do we sometimes make them and then forget about them?

A pastor was sitting in his living room, reading, when his little daughter rushed in. “Daddy, will you build me a playhouse?” she asked. “Sure, I will, honey,” he said, as he continued to read his book. Little Melody happily ran out of the room. A little later, he glanced out the window to see his daughter running into the backyard repeatedly, stacking her toys and precious possessions. The pastor asked his wife, “Honey, what is Melody doing?” She came in from the kitchen and said, “You promised to build her a playhouse, so she is getting ready to move in.” Melody had believed her father’s promise. The loving dad got up, picked up his car keys, and drove to the hardware store where he bought the necessary materials. Then he started building that playhouse.

Just as Melody had confidence in her daddy’s promise, we can have confidence in the promise of our Heavenly Father. God’s Word is filled with precious promises for His children. Many have been fulfilled, and others are on the way. We can rest assured that every promise He has made will be fulfilled.

Author: Juanita Weir Nobles

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