Return To The Lord

May 19th, 2015

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Joel 2:12-20

In the days when the prophet Joel wrote his prophecy, deep remorse was often shown by tearing one’s clothes. However, God wanted a truly heartfelt repentance, not an outward show. God called Joel to preach to the people, impressing upon them the depth of their sin and the need of turning back to God.

Foreseeing an invasion by superior forces, Joel encouraged the people to repent in order to escape God’s punishment. Joel called for a twofold repentance: First, he asked for heartfelt personal repentance that reflected a change of both intellect and emotions. Second, he issued a call for national repentance in a solemn assembly, one that included the entire population.

Could we see the threats that face us today, as opportunities from a gracious God to seek Him in heartfelt confession and repentance? History tells us of gracious times of national awakening. Could we believe God for a global awakening? Pray that it will soon come, that God’s judgment will be averted and showers of blessing would come.

Author: Juanita Weir Nobles


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