Where Is Your Heart?

May 13th, 2015

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Isaiah 58:1-14

Our yard has a few flowers and a lot of crabgrass, while our neighbor’s yard is filled with well-planned gardens and beautiful flowers. What is the difference? Her compelling desire is gardening, but my interests lie elsewhere. My wife and I just don’t care about our yard as much as Mary Lou does about hers. We keep the grass mowed and plant a few flowers, but that is not our main focus. Her beautifully sculpted yard is filled with many varieties of flowers where birds and hummingbirds can be seen all summer and into autumn while flowers and fountains invite the admiration of those passing by.

I have been about as interested in flowers as the people in Isaiah were in their fasts and in making a show of following God. I’d rather be writing or making a quilt, while my neighbor loves to be on her knees with her hands in the dirt, bringing new life to seeds and plants.

What is your compelling desire when it comes to honoring God? Is it something for others to see and comment on? Or could it be a deep desire to serve him, whether others notice or not?

Author: Juanita Weir Nobles

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