Love, Discipline, and Mercy

May 9th, 2015

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Hosea 2:9-23

Can you imagine the shock if you named your new baby “I Don’t Love You” or “You’re Not Mine”? Some might even claim child abuse! Nevertheless, God chose these names for Hosea’s children. Why would He give them such alarming names?

God warned His people of the consequences of not following His teachings, and the names given Hosea’s children were symbolic of what would happen. In a similar way as we love our children despite their failures, God loves His people. It is His promise that, when they repent and return He would show His love to the one called “Not my loved one,” and He would again acknowledge those He called “Not my people.” We teach our children that actions have consequences. “If you don’t pick up your toys,” we say, “I’m going to take them and put them away for a week.” Then we do it, to teach them to take care of their things.

Proverbs 13:24 teaches that truly loving our children involves discipline. God’s discipline of His people may seem harsh, but He disciplines out of His great mercy, because of His love for us.

Author: Maureen McClain

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