Our Actions Reflect On Others

May 8th, 2015

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Daniel 9:15-27

When Tom Landry coached the Dallas Cowboys, he demanded that players dress neatly and act decently whenever out in public. He said their behavior reflected on the team’s reputation. I also remember that in the past, a company could fire employees for things they said or did on personal time. Why? Their poor behavior reflected on the company.

Daniel turned that around, saying that God should forgive His people for His sake, not theirs. He agreed that the Israelites sinned, but said that if God didn’t forgive them, His reputation as a merciful, forgiving God would suffer! And in Exodus 32:11-14, Moses said much the same thing.

When two parties are allied, the behavior of one reflects on the other. God’s mercy is shown in the salvation he offers us and His guidance and care. As a Christian, how does your behavior reflect on Him? Will non-Christians want to know God because of how you behave?

Author: Maureen McClain

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