God Hears Our Desperate Cry

April 23rd, 2015

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Psalm 142:1-7

George Müller, a giant of the Christian faith, lived in England in the nineteenth century, and was known for starting schools and orphanages. Thousands of children were taken into his homes. He never asked for financial support or borrowed money to run his ministry; he simply prayed and trusted God for the resources.

One story is told of a time when Müller was travelling by ship to a speaking engagement, and heavy fog slowed their progress. He asked to use the vessel’s chart room to pray, and the ship’s captain accompanied him. After Müller prayed, he refused to let the captain pray, partly because of the captain’s disbelief, but mainly because he believed the prayer had already been answered. He was right. When they returned to the ship’s bridge, they were greeted by clear skies.

Is a difficulty slowing you down today? Pray! Pray in confidence. God can lift the heavy fog and bring clear skies.

Author: Mary Egidio

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