The Spirit Intercedes for Us

April 10th, 2015

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Romans 8:18-27

Jeff was my best friend when I was growing up in Colorado. We were nearly inseparable, especially during the summer. We did everything together; ride bikes, go fishing, talked about the future. In fact we went as far as to outline a trip we were going to take to Alaska upon graduation from high school. We had it all planned out. We knew which motorcycle each of us was going to buy. How long the trip would take and how much money we needed to save. In some ways we were like brothers-–thinking alike and able to finish each other’s sentences.

I thought of that relationship when reflecting on this passage. If we have the capacity to get so close to another person that we can anticipate their thoughts and actions, how much closer is the Holy Spirit to us given the intimate knowledge he has of us from our birth. Combine that knowledge with God’s love and you have someone whom you can trust implicitly.

Author: Larry R. Morris


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