One-Body Policy

March 19th, 2015

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1 Corinthians 12:12-13a

In some countries families are only permitted to have one child. The reason may be due to a shortage of resources or a governmental desire for control. Additional children are considered unwanted, unneeded, and even illegal.

That is not a problem in God’s kingdom. He wants each one of us. We are His children, and in His Church there is room for us all. In fact, if we do not fill the place He has created for us, the Church will operate less effectively. Look at the illustration Paul uses in 1 Corinthians 12. If one of us is supposed to be a “foot” in the body of Christ and refuses to do their part, the whole body will limp around more because of their lack of cooperation.

This clears up any question of our importance. In addition to being God’s beloved children and heirs in His Kingdom, we are vital to God’s work. Each of us has a place and purpose to discover in the kingdom of God. As beloved children, we should strive to find our own gifts, service, and work to accomplish His purpose.

Author: Laura E. Roller

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