Radical Makeover

March 6th, 2015

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Galatians 2:11-21

It started with teenagers exploring the resources of compact cameras or their smartphones. Soon, “selfies”—as these pictures are now called—excited adults, politicians and even heads of state. All you have to do is embrace a friend, stretch the arm holding the device, both of you look at the lens and press a button. Presto! You now have a picture attesting your closeness.

Can you imagine Jesus in a picture with you, just the two of you? Paul went beyond a side-by-side setting to an immersion, a complete fusion of persons. What a testimony of closeness and holy intimacy!

Smart devices would never be able to perform such an operation. The only way to achieve it is by severing ties to the world—and drawing near to the Savior. In a sense, it is like a death or radical separation and life or total immersion with the Creator and Giver of a new nature. Then, witness the image fusion: a merciful Giver and a forever grateful receiver, blended forever.

Author: Jorge De Barros


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