February 20th, 2015

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Isaiah 26:12-21

The Edomites felt confident in their position. Their longtime rival had been devastated by the invasion of Babylon. Edom was able to take advantage of Israel’s weakened condition and do some of their own plundering. In addition, Edom enjoyed the tactical benefits of their geographical location. Their mountainous terrain allowed them to build cities and to fortress themselves high (in some cases 1,000 feet) above the valley floor.

Yet, there is something precarious about being on top and trusting in high position. God promised to bring them down, even from their secure “eagle’s nest” among the stars. There can be a false security in position. We were made to trust in Jesus Christ alone, not in any position.

No wonder James 1:9 says that “Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position.” God always works in reverse of the world’s thinking, and the only secure place is in Christ. In His kingdom only the truly humble are highly exalted. What positions do we cling to or seek after?

Author: John Juneman


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