Treasures of Egypt

February 7th, 2015

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Hebrews 11:17-28

From the moment his parents held their collective breath and placed their baby boy into the Nile, faith became the predominant equation in the life of Moses: faith to fight against the Egyptians, to lead stubborn people across the desert, to be obedient to the voice of an invisible God.

We live in a world where personal possessions are over-valued, where a sense of entitlement is standard. The “treasures of Egypt” are attractive to many people in our society. Even Christians can fall into the trap of believing that they deserve rewards for what they give to the world.

Moses had faith to turn away from the “treasures of Egypt.” Similarly, if we desire to move away from our desire for things we need to have the faith Moses demonstrated. Such a faith will influence our decisions, give us direction, and lead others into faith as well.

Believe. Don’t wait for power, position, adoration, or even clarity. Simply believe, and with an obedient heart turn away from the “treasures of Egypt.” Focus on what we have now: this moment. What we can treasure is today, and the certain hope we have in knowing Jesus Christ.

Author: Cindy Lowcock

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