The Walk of Faith

February 6th, 2015

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Hebrews 11:8:16

In the list of heroes of the faith delineated in Hebrews chapter eleven, Enoch is one of the greatest. Enoch walked with God and pleased God by his faithfulness. God rewards him by taking Enoch to heaven prior to death. We see by the life of Enoch that it is not only possible to please God, but it is also impossible to gain everlasting life without faith. God rewards faithfulness with the promise of His continuous presence in eternity.

We differ from Enoch, not in our potential for great faith, but our promise of eternal life is yet to be fulfilled. We may only look forward to and long for our heavenly home. A longing towards heaven, not as if we have been there, but because we long for the One we know is waiting there to be with us.

Are you longing for your heavenly home? Follow the example of Enoch and live a life of such faith that you know His presence as you walk with Him today.

Author: Cindy Lowcock


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