Once For All

January 28th, 2015

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Hebrews 10:1-10

Smells! Noise! Confusion! Chaos! It must have been bedlam: sheep and goats bleating, pigeons fluttering, and bulls snorting. Hot, dusty travelers, tired from their long journey milled about looking for water, rest, and redemption; trailed by grubby, hungry children who had long ago shredded their parent’s last nerve.

This tumultuous scene in the Temple was only the precursor to offering sacrifices and praise offerings to God. In an effort to receive forgiveness of sin and pardon for wrongdoing, the people brought their sacrifices. The warranty for their efforts was good for one year.

Priests and Levites worked daily, preparing the captive animals for sacrifice. As the line of sinners stretched as far as the eye could see. Yet this was just a shadow of what was to come. Jesus’ death on the cross inaugurated a new covenant. His holy blood shed there meets repentant souls where they are. His death opens up the holy of holies for all who believe. Not even the most perfect animal could do that.

Author: Judyann Grant

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