Beautiful Brokenness

January 27th, 2015

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Hebrews 9:23-27

A visit to the zoo always includes a stop at the gift shop. With a few dollars to spend, our children zigzag through the aisles, darting from one display to another. Soft stuffed bears, otters, and moose catch their attention, as do rubber snakes and bobble headed mice. I am drawn to the gemstone display. There I find blue agate, gleaming jasper, rich shades of amethyst, opalescent moonstone and silky smooth rose quartz. What captures my interest, though, is a dusty, nondescript geode.

As we depart the grandchildren show me their purchases. When I share mine, they are shocked: “That’s what you bought?” The rock looks unappealing on the outside, but I know the real treasure lay inside.

At home I took a hammer to the geode. After a few blows, the rock splits; revealing a shimmering vein of crystal quartz. Only by breaking the geode can its true beauty be seen.

Only in the Cross can we begin to comprehend the true beauty of Christ’s sacrifice. The beauty of His brokenness serves to make us whole.

Author: Judyann Grant


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