Mortal Life Is Fleeting

January 5th, 2015

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Psalm 39:1-13

Family members knew the time was near. Their father, grandfather, great-grandfather was close to his move from his earthly residence to the “better country.” His was a life well-lived, a life invested. His time, talents, treasure were given to his Redeemer and translated into timeless returns. As a pastor he loved, as a missionary he gave all, as an administrator he planned, as an educator he inspired.

His missionary daughter left for Africa knowing she would not see him again on this earth. A few days later she wrote her last email to him. “Daddy, you have lived all your life in preparation for this great event, and now here it is! You are about to make the crossing to the Beautiful Shore, where life springs eternal. Well, I told you before, and I’m saying again, that I’m not going to say goodbye. I’m just going to say, “I’ll be seeing you later: On the other side, by the Eastern Gate.”  Hours after he read that email, he received his welcome “where life springs eternal.”

Author: Paul Martin

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