God’s Glory, The Servant’s Goal

December 28th, 2014

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Romans 15:14-22

One of the interesting aspects of being human is that we can easily hide our motivations. Sometimes, what appears to be a heroic act may have hidden self-serving motivations behind it.

From the time of the early Christians, the ministry of the Apostle Paul has been a true inspiration. As he traveled the Mediterranean world “from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum” signs, wonders, and miracles accompanied his teaching (Romans 15:19). God was truly with him! As people watched and read about Paul’s passion, his desire and great efforts to reach the Gentiles and spread the Gospel, his life has become a cherished example.

Upon close examination of Paul’s life and writings we discover the hidden fuel that flamed his zeal and directed his service. Inside him burned a wondrous single motivation; to glorify Christ!

Examine today what truly drives you in your service to God. Allow the Holy Spirit entrance into that inner place where motivations and ambitions reside.

Author: Doug Forsberg


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