Jesus, Our Example of Service

December 24th, 2014

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John 13:1-17

The Last Supper of Jesus and His disciples is recorded in all four Gospels. John, however, is the only Gospel writer to mention the washing of the disciples’ feet. What took place that night was so profound that John takes great effort–retelling the event in detail. The scene of Jesus, the Son of God, on His knees with basin and towel washing the feet of His disciples was so very astonishing that Peter probably spoke for all of them when he said, “You shall never wash my feet” (John 13:8).

Years have passed since that night when God in human form knelt down and washed the very dirty feet of some very bewildered people. Many books and sermons have tried to clarify the truth of that profound event. Jesus himself gives the best commentary on the true nature of that awe inspiring night, “I have set you an example” (13:15)

To be a true and faithful follower of the Master is to follow His example of loving caring servanthood in the spirit of His humility.

Author: Doug Forsberg

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