Jesus Speaks for the Father

December 23rd, 2014

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John 12:37-50

In an age of instant text messaging and speed of light communication systems we are capable of receiving hundreds of messages a day. How do you determine which messages are trustworthy and true and which are not?

To the people of Jesus’ day our technological world of message sending and receiving would indeed seem miraculous. Actually, it is no miracle just a high tech achievement. The works Jesus did for the people of His day were miraculous, yet unbelief continued to plague the people who had seen the miracles of Jesus and had heard His teaching.

However, many were gradually coming to believe in Him. The issue that separated vibrant belief from cold disbelief centered on the personhood of Jesus. Was He truly God’s messenger?

The cry of Jesus summons people to the point of decision, “For I did not speak on my own.” The works and words of Jesus came direct from the heart and voice of God. God and Jesus speak as one!

Author: Doug Forsberg

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