Jesus Honors His Servants

December 22nd, 2014

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John 12:20-36

What can be more troubling to the human heart than the sudden possibility of losing what is most dear to us–life itself? Jesus’ “hour” is mentioned several times before in John’s gospel (2:4; 7:30; 8:20), but now for the first time He announces, “The hour has come” (12:23).

In the moments before the hour when He was crucified Jesus has much to teach us about sacrifices great and small. Though His heart was troubled (12:27) He looked beyond the frightening prospect of His sacrificial death and spoke of “wheat” and “light” (12:24, 35).

When love for God is alive and faith in God is active the desire to sacrifice becomes greater than all other desires. In allowing yourself to be God’s “wheat” you become “children of light” and the loving sacrifices you make in His name “produce many seeds.”

God will honor you, and your sacrifice is not in vain. The cross you joyfully bear today will joyfully bear you to the place where all is light, the voice of God is heard, and the glory of God is seen!

Author: Doug Forsberg

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