The Invasion

December 20th, 2014

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Micah 5:1-5a

When I read the word “invasion” I think of violence, marching armies, and deafening noise. However, the greatest invasion of history was nothing like that. That invasion wasn’t led by a vast army—just one baby born in an out-of-the-way berg called Bethlehem. It wasn’t to subjugate a population—it was to free folks who were in horrendous captivity. That invasion wasn’t initiated by an angry warlord—just a loving heavenly Father who was moved by the pain and injustice visited on His children. His invasion didn’t bring war and bloodshed, instead He brought peace: and the only blood that was spilled was His own.

Of course, this invasion was the coming of Jesus Christ into our war-torn world. The prophetic announcement was given almost 800 years before the actual birth. Still, it was worth the wait.

Be thankful. Let this great Shepherd invade your soul again today and live in his peace!

Author: Bob Broadbooks

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