December 19th, 2014

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Micah 4:8-13

During the birth process of their daughter, Keely, Bob’s wife, Carol, made the big announcement: “I am never doing this again!” However, three years later, she went back on her promise and gave birth to their son, Lincoln. During those painful hours of her second delivery, she made another big announcement: “I am never doing this again!” That time she stuck with her decision.

The people to whom Micah preached thought they would never get through their pain. They would never have a leader who would get them out of their struggle. Still, God had a plan. He was going to redeem them from the hand of their enemies. Although their pain and anguish was all-consuming for the present, they would get through the trial. Triumph would be born.

Prophetically, Micah was speaking of another birth, the birth of the Messiah. He would ultimately arrive, win a great struggle and eventually rule His Kingdom. The pain of childbirth although acute would quickly end. The joy brought by the Child would completely overshadow the waiting, the pain and the tears.

Author: Bob Broadbooks


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