Serving—Trap or Treasure?

December 9th, 2014

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Luke 22:14-30

She said, “I was trapped in the house raising children.” After graduation from art school, she said, “I came back to the same old kitchen.” One of her oil paintings depicted herself with her face coming off as her two children watched. I read these statements from a talented mother and could feel her angst.

I have no personal experience of the challenges of being a mother. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be a caregiver while also having a dream of doing more with your talents. She was evidently feeling trapped in her circumstances; unable to treasure serving her family and at the same time experiencing fulfillment in her other passion of art.

Jesus’ mission was to serve and to give his life for others. While the disciples wanted to know who was the greatest among them, Jesus calmly, humbly explained that his mission was different than that. He had a secret for them: the treasure of life is in the service of life. It is my prayer that Jesus would place within your mind the nobility of serving others.

Author: Bob Broadbooks

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