Unshakable & Eternal

December 7th, 2014

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Isaiah 54:1-10

Apart from God permanence is always a relative concept. Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza are around 4,500 years old, yet they are threatened by pollution from the vast city of Cairo nearby. Humidity from the breath of millions of tourists leaves salt deposits which are destroying the irreplaceable paintings on the tomb walls inside. Geologists tell us that, over time, rivers change their courses, continents shift, even mountain ranges rise and fall. The “solid earth” beneath our feet is only solid in relation to the short span of our mortal lives. Astronomers believe the universe itself is constantly expanding. According to their view nothing, literally nothing in the entire universe, is where it was a second ago or where it will be a second from now. From the material point of view the only thing that is permanent is change.

God alone does not change. His nature, His love, His commitment to His children is unfailing. His word will stand when all else falls.

Author: Duane C. Brush

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