A Wise Investment

November 25th, 2014

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Luke 19:11-27

Jesus told a story of a nobleman who, before going on a trip, gave ten servants each a sum of money to invest in his absence.

When the nobleman returned, an accounting revealed that one servant had earned ten more, another five more, and one, out of fear, had hidden his. He had no increase to show. The nobleman took his and gave it to the one who had earned ten.

Kayla waited on me at the supermarket checkout. I simply said, “Have a blessed day.” She responded, “I am trying,” then added, “This is my birthday.” I had received change, so I gave her a one-dollar bill and left the store. Upon my departure, I felt checked by the Holy Spirit–I should have done more. So I went back and asked for the dollar bill. In return, I gave her a 10-dollar bill. She was overwhelmed and at first refused, but I said, “The Lord told me to do this,” and she was thankful. I may never see Kayla again, but my prayer is that the investment will pay dividends in her life. I know I was blessed.

Author: W. Talmadge Johnson


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