The Clock is Ticking

November 20th, 2014

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Matthew 24:36-50

I love clocks. At our house we have six clocks that require winding: five every week, one every 30 days. Additionally, five of them have some sort of chime: some every fifteen minutes, some less often. I really do love clocks!

One thing I like about clocks is that they often remind me when there is an important event drawing near. Christmas, a birthday, the birth of a new baby, a trip, an important meeting–there are all sorts of things that arouse our sense of anticipation. For instance, I am expecting a package today, and I keep looking out to the porch to see if the delivery person slipped up on me. I just checked again, and it is still not here! I’ll keep watching.

To “keep watch” is a biblical mandate–Jesus told us to “keep watch” because we do not know the day of His return. Our Scripture reading for today reminds us that keeping watch means doing what pleases our Lord: being faithful and wise. To “keep watch” is to be alert, expectant, and anticipate Him at all times.

Author: J.K. Warrick


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