The Sound of Trumpets

November 19th, 2014

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Matthew 24:15-35

Don Metz was Johnny’s mentor, professor, advisor, counselor, and friend. Don was a professor at Bethany Nazarene College when he enrolled as a student in 1964, and he quickly became one of his “most admired.” For nearly 12 years Johnny had the honor of serving as his pastor in Olathe, Kansas. He and his wife, Eva, were faithful members and loving supporters of our ministry at College Church. Eva slipped away to heaven first.

After Eva’s death, Don asked Johnny to officiate his funeral. He gave him the text and outline to speak on trumpet call mentioned in Matthew 24. Don Metz believed the Bible. He was an astute scholar, but at heart, he was a follower of our Lord. He lived believing that at the end of the age, a sound of trumpets would signal the full redemption of believers and of the wondrously created universe.

“When you see all these things,” listen. As Don would say, listen for the sound of trumpets–for the day of the Lord is “right at the door!”

Author: J.K. Warrick




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