Stand Firm!

November 18th, 2014

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Matthew 24:1-14

The Father has set the time of Jesus’ return (Acts 1:7), and in Matthew 24, Jesus promised the disciples that they would soon receive the Holy Spirit. The Spirit would equip them for anything that would happen between Jesus’ departure and His return.

However, the people of God have always been fascinated with the question of when Jesus will return. Speculation on this matter is not necessarily wrong, but it can be dangerous. The danger is that some might be deceived and lose faith–there is just too much we cannot know.

However, we do know some things. In Matthew 24, Jesus says that the end of the age will be:

  1. A time of great uncertainty punctuated by political intrigue and war (v. 6).
  2. Filled with widespread persecution. Increased wickedness will cause many to turn away from the faith; the love of many will grow cold (vv. 10, 12).
  3. Plagued by false teachers and preachers (v. 11).
  4. Ushered in with the preaching of gospel to the whole world (v. 14).

There is, however, one thing we can know:  The one “who stands firm to the end will be saved” (v. 13). So stand firm!

Author: J.K. Warrick


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