A Fruitful Life

November 12th, 2014

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Luke 8:1-15

Sometime in the 1500s, an oak seedling took root on the sandy soil of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. For over 500 years the tree grew, spreading its leafy boughs and becoming a stately tree of stature and renown. Known as Wye Oak, it was the state tree of Maryland. People described the mighty oak this way: it represented time past and time to come, the generations of people it witnessed in life, and the perseverance of man and nature.     During a particularly violent thunderstorm in 2002, the 96-foot-tall giant released its grasp on the earth and crashed to the ground. Its trunk measured 31 feet in diameter, and its crown spread over 119 feet. But its end had not yet come.

Hundreds of thousands of acorns holding the life of Wye Oak, once America’s largest white oak tree, would be planted not just in Maryland, but across the United States. Each time an acorn was planted, it testified to the perseverance of both man and nature.

The seeds of the future are encased in the perseverance of today.

Author: David J. Felter


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