The Hope of Salvation

November 8th, 2014

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1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

The use of bicycle helmets reduces the risk of head injuries. Yet studies have shown that fewer than half of all bicyclists, whether adults, teenagers, or children, actually wear helmets. Now, more than 20 states and scores of localities have enacted laws requiring children of various age groups to wear helmets.

In Paul’s day, no one rode bicycles, but soldiers knew how important it was to wear a helmet. One blow to the head could result in disorientation or even death. Protecting the head was an important defensive strategy in war.

Paul had many opportunities to study Roman armor. Soldiers were everywhere in the Roman Empire. As he watched these soldiers, it occurred to Paul that God has provided the hope of salvation as a helmet for those who are engaged in spiritual warfare. The enemy loves to disorient us with false teaching or distorted ideas that confound us and render us useless.

Conversely, putting our hope in the salvation provided by Jesus gives us an assurance that inspires us to move forward in His name. Be sure to put on your helmet today.

Author: Stan Toler

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