Real Reliance

October 31st, 2014

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Psalm 27:1-14

King David had plenty to be afraid of. He wasn’t exaggerating in Psalm 27—people really were trying to “devour” him. Armies really were besieging him. In response to those threats, David made an unexpected request. He asked to be near the Lord’s house.

The king found safety and relief in God’s house. There he found a place to hide, to be sheltered, to sing. He had learned over a lifetime facing bears, lions, giants, and palace coups that safety comes only from the God of all power.

Notice what he did in the Lord’s presence: he sought the Lord’s face and learned His ways (vv. 8, 11). Confidence for his ultimate salvation, even in the face of opposition and danger, flowed from his reliance upon God.

We would all agree that we should rely more on God. It is essential to see that King David outlines the three steps to move from a theoretical reliance to a real reliance: going to the Lord’s house, seeking His face, and learning His ways.

Author: Dave Roller


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