A God Who Responds

October 30th, 2014

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2 Chronicles 34:14-33

As workers dug through the mess of the ruined temple, they uncovered an ancient book. Any book was extremely rare at this time, but this was the rarest of them all. It was The Book of the Law—the story of God written by Moses.

The book precipitated a storm of activity. It contained the covenant—the blessings and the curses. When the king heard its words recent history suddenly made sense. Now he understood why Israel had been decimated by
Assyria. He also understood the doom that hung over Judah.

“Go and inquire of the Lord,” he said to five of his important men. Implicit in this request was another one: “Find out if there’s a solution to the curse.” The answer came through the prophetess Huldah.

The answer they received is amazing: God reacts and changes His plan based on what we do! Because Josiah responded to Him, God delayed the disaster the people had brought upon themselves. This story reveals a God not of implacable edicts, but of relationship and patience.

Author: Dave Roller


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