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October 29th, 2014

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2 Chronicles 34:1-13

Josiah was only eight years old when his father was killed and he inherited the throne. Regents ran the kingdom of Judah during his first years, but when Josiah turned sixteen, he had a spiritual awakening: “he began to seek the God of his father David” (v. 3).

When Josiah was twenty, he began directly addressing the evil his father had nurtured during his reign. Typically, we think of older folks as the ones who point society toward righteousness. In this case, it was a youngster who showed the way back to God.

Josiah didn’t just pay his religious dues; he went far beyond that by purging the country of evil. He swept across his kingdom, smashing and cutting down the false gods, and even burning the bones of the false priests. It is clear that Josiah was actually doing the crushing and cutting. He fervently fought for righteousness on the front lines.

When Josiah was twenty-six, he ordered that the temple be repaired. One king—one teenager—made a difference and turned his country around.

Author: Dave Roller

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