Buy or Rent?

October 27th, 2014

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2 Timothy 3:10—4:5

We usually think of wisdom as the ability to make prudent decisions. We call a person “wise” who has a cautious nature and looks before leaping. That may be wisdom—or it may be fear!

Wisdom isn’t about how we decide so much as what factors we use in our decision-making. A wise person isn’t one who decides slowly; rather, a wise person is the one who understands the basis of the decision they make.

Say you’re deciding whether to buy or rent a house. How do you decide? First you choose which factors you’ll give the most weight. Those factors could include economics, personal preference, and ministry potential.

The apostle Paul tells Timothy to make decisions based on Scripture. Obviously, we would immediately agree. Paul insists that the only safe means of navigation through persecution, suffering, false teachers, and deceit is the Word of God. If we’re not locked into the wisdom of His Word, we may be caught up in faddish fascinations or be broken by persecution.

Author: Dave Roller


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