Compassion As A Lifestyle

October 23rd, 2014

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Luke 18:18-25; 19:1-10

In the gospel of Luke, chapters 18 and 19, we find a fascinating contrast between a rich young ruler and Zacchaeus. They both wanted to see Jesus: the earnest ruler was searching for salvation, while Zacchaeus was simply curious. They were both wealthy: the ruler had earned his wealth honorably, while Zacchaeus was an exploiter.

Jesus loved them both. He told the ruler to give his wealth to the poor and follow Him. At first glance this request seems too demanding. This invitation, however, was only given to a few. Meanwhile, Zacchaeus welcomed Jesus to his home. As a result of their encounter, Zacchaeus gave half of his wealth to the poor and made reparations for his exploitive behavior.

The rich young ruler went away sad because he had great wealth and no compassion. Zacchaeus received the gift of forgiveness with joy and found his heart moved with compassion for those around him.

By God’s grace, we can embrace Christ and let compassion become our lifestyle!

Author: Jerry D. Porter

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