Hope Worth Waiting For

October 19th, 2014

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Psalm 130:1-8

Psalm 130 is full of the word “wait;” it occurs five times in just two verses (vv. 5-6). Part of worshiping God is waiting on Him and for Him. Psalm 130 is “a song of ascents,” part of a group of psalms (120-134) that pilgrims sang or recited as they traveled to Jerusalem. These travelers were waiting until they could come before God in the holy place. Since they were confident that God forgives and that His forgiveness gives us the ability to revere and serve Him (v. 4), they knew that they could continue to wait.

Those who have received forgiveness have hope, and those who are full of hope can wait. Those who wait patiently for God are never disappointed. Waiting creates anticipation as we put our hope in Him and His word. God has never given His children reasons to doubt His love and faithfulness–doubts come from hearts that forget.

Trust in God with your whole being, and you will find a satisfying hope that will not disappoint (see Rom. 5:1-5).

Author: Matthew Thomas

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