Extraordinary Solution For A Common Problem

October 14th, 2014

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Romans 6:15-23

Snow is a common occurrence in the area where I live. Usually, after the first snow of the year, car accidents abound. They seem to occur in the same places year after year. The roads become slick, and drivers needs to make appropriate adjustments in their driving speed and behavior. People know the problem and problem places. However, they just can’t seem to make the necessary adjustments. Often, the solution is just beyond their control.

Sin is a problem for us all. We can see it. We know it is there. We know the problem and the problem places. Still, we find ourselves in the same ditch. The signs of sin are clear, but most people experience difficulties that they just can’t seem to overcome. The problem of sin is common, and the efforts to conquer it abound. Really, though, there is really only one solution, and it is the gift of God.

We can access this gift of God only through Jesus Christ. The recipe is really quite simple: receive Christ and you receive the solution.

Author: Matthew Thomas


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