Judgment & Salvation

October 5th, 2014

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Revelation 19:1-21

Many people gladly accept the idea of a God of love but reject the idea of a God of judgment. They believe God will warmly welcome everyone with love, and never judge or condemn. In the end, they believe, love will succeed in winning all but the very worst people.

This popular view cannot be found in the Bible, and it reflects a false view of reality. Most of the worst things that happen in the world result from people hurting one another. Ordinary people, who do not appear evil and who many may assume are basically good, sometimes do unspeakable evil. Similarly, groups of ordinary people can organize themselves and work together for their shared interests, even though their actions may hurt others.

In the Bible, God’s judgment and salvation are two sides of the same coin. In order to rescue and renew creation, God must defeat everything that enslaves and ruins it. Even judgment serves for the salvation of the world.

Author: David Kendall

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