Trusting God’s Way

October 2nd, 2014

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2 Samuel 22:31-51

In 2 Samuel 22, David praises God for giving him victory over his enemies.

We might easily conclude that David’s life was one long, awesome display of God’s mighty acts, and that as soon as trouble came, the Lord defeated it. However, that is not how the story goes. In fact, David spent years running from King Saul. On several occasions, David could have ended his trouble by acting on his own and taking vengeance on Saul.

But David refused to do what others would have done. Instead, he trusted that God’s way was perfect and that God would bring victory in His own way and time. Until then, he would wait and trust the Lord.

In David’s song, we learn that God lifts up the humble who submit to His ways. Then God trains them to wage their battle His way, and honors them as they seek cover in God’s presence and trust God’s provisions.

Ultimately, God’s way is seen in Jesus, who assures victory, but only as we trust and follow Him.

Author: David Kendall

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