Vengeance & Redemption

October 1st, 2014

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Judges 16:18-31

Samson had not guarded his heart. God had given him great strength and leadership to bless others, but he had carelessly taken God’s goodness for granted. Then the day came when “he did not know that the LORD had left him” (v. 20).

Consequently, Samson lost his freedom, his eyesight, and his leadership. Worse, his people lost peace and security. Samson’s carelessness reflected poorly on God. He made the Lord appear weak and unfaithful to His people.

We like to think God will always give us another chance, and He often does. Even so, the consequences of our sin may continue hurting others.

On the last day of Samson’s life, he prayed for another chance, for redemption. His motives were mixed: he sought vengeance for what the Philistines had done to him and help for the people hurt by his sin. God granted this redemption, but not for Samson’s sake. In the end, Samson accomplished more by dying than by living.

It is better to guard our hearts and avoid carelessness that will hurt others.

Author: David Kendall

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