Praising God For His Word

September 28th, 2014

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Psalm 33:1-22

Psalm 33 is a helpful guide on praise: it tells us who should worship (v. 1), how we should worship (vv. 2–4), why we should worship (vv. 5–19), and what happens when we worship (vv. 20–22).

The mention of God’s Word in verse 4 reminds us that by knowing the Word of God, we get better acquainted with the God of the Word. And the better we know the Scriptures, the better we will be able to praise and worship God for who He is and for what He has done. His Word and His work are inseparable. Nothing came into existence but by God’s Word and command (vv. 6, 9), and He is Lord over the nations (vv. 10–12).

The Word that created and controls the universe is the same Word that can control your life (John 1:1-5). God’s Word tells us that He is upright, faithful, righteous, and full of love. When we trust His Word and obey it, God is free to work in our lives in mighty ways. Because He is faithful and His Word is dependable, we can rejoice, sing, and give thanks and praise to Him.

Author: David Graves

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