Worshipping Warriors

September 27th, 2014

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Judges 7:1-15

One of the best ways to receive God’s guidance is through the Word of God, prayer, and sensitivity to the Spirit as we watch the circumstances of life.

God had purposely reduced Gideon’s army to only 300 men. That night the Lord told him to go over to the enemy’s camp, where Gideon heard the dream of an enemy soldier. The soldier likened Gideon’s army to a loaf of barley bread, which was not a complimentary comparison at all! Barley had only half the value of wheat, and the bread made from it was considered inferior. In the same way, Israel’s tiny band of men was considered inferior to the vast forces of Midian and Amalek. However, Gideon did not mind being compared to a loaf of barley bread, for he knew that Israel would defeat their enemies and deliver the land from bondage.

Gideon paused to worship the Lord before he did anything else (v. 15). He was so overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness and mercy that he fell on his face in submission and gratitude. Before we can be successful warriors for the Lord, we must first become sincere worshipers of Him.

Author: David Graves


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