The Lord Is Our Help And Comfort

September 26th, 2014

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Judges 6:25-40

There are times when God may ask us to do things that are not easy. The mission God gave Gideon was difficult, dangerous, and could have been deadly. God told him to destroy the altar dedicated to Baal, build an altar to the Lord, and sacrifice one of his father’s bulls using the wood pole dedicated to the goddess Asherah for fuel. Since altars to Baal were built on high places, it would have been difficult to obey God’s orders without attracting the attention of the Baal worshipers.

Gideon decided to obey the Lord at night when the village was asleep. After all the encouragements God had given him, Gideon was still afraid (v. 27); however, he did not let his fear stop him from obeying God. God proved that He was more than adequate to handle the situation.

Gideon learned a valuable lesson that day: if he obeyed the Lord, even with fear in his heart, the Lord would protect him and receive the glory. The psalmist also learned that God is dependable and that He will help, strengthen, and deliver His children.

Author: David Graves

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