Experiencing The Peace Of God

September 25th, 2014

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Judges 6:12-24

The sudden appearance of the fire and disappearance of his Visitor convinced Gideon that he had seen and spoken to an angel. The fact that he had been in the presence an angel of God filled him with fear. Though Gideon was sure he would die, God dismissed his fears and assured Gideon that he would live.

It is interesting that God gave Gideon a message of peace to prepare him to fight a war. Like Gideon, unless we are at peace with God, we cannot face the enemy with confidence or fight the Lord’s battles. As a testimony to that fact, Gideon built an altar and called it “The LORD is peace” (v. 24).

S.D. Gordon wrote about God’s peace, “It acts as an armed guard drawn up around the heart and thoughts to keep unrest out. It is too subtle for intellectual analysis but it steals into and steadies the heart. You cannot understand it but you can feel it. You cannot get hold of it with your head, but you can with your heart.”

May we experience both the peace of God and the God of peace as we daily come into His presence.

Author: David Graves


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