Listening To God

September 24th, 2014

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Judges 6:1-11

When the Israelites cried to the Lord because of their Midianite oppressors, he sent them a prophet. This unnamed prophet delivered God’s message: God had been faithful to His covenant with Israel, but Israel had not been faithful to worship God alone. God had spoken, but they had not listened to His words.

Throughout the Old Testament, God chastises or rebukes Israel for their disobedience in order to correct them. The Israelites had forgotten God’s deliverance from Egyptian slavery (v. 8), His deliverance from all their other oppressors, and His gift of the Promised Land (v. 9). They engaged in false worship or idolatry, disobeyed God, and broke His commandments (v. 10). We must never forget all that God has done for us.

Oswald Chambers writes, “Every time circumstances press in on you, say, ‘Speak, Lord,’ and make time to listen.

We are called to remember, listen to, and obey God. Chambers is correct when he writes, “Get into a habit of saying, ‘Speak, Lord,’ and life will become a romance.”

Author: David Graves

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