Lest We Forget

September 23rd, 2014

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Psalm 78:1-3, 19-39

Psalm 78 reviews the history of Israel, describing the way they sinned against God time after time. Even though the people experienced one miracle after another, the memory of those miracles faded quickly. God had led the Israelites day and night, provided water for them, and sent manna and quail for them to eat–yet they still did not totally trust Him. They refused to enter the Promised Land at Kadesh Barnea. God’s discipline brought them to their knees in temporary repentance, but their confessions were insincere (v. 36), and they soon rebelled again.

Israel was a rebellious nation, but God in His mercy was gracious to them, forgave them, held back His wrath, and gave them opportunities for a new beginning. The Jews were commanded to teach their children the works and ways of the Lord so that the next generation would know Him and trust Him.

We still need reminders of God’s faithfulness and also of our failures. We still need to teach our children about God’s grace, mercy, faithfulness, and love for us.

Author: David Graves

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