On Not Listening To Father

September 4th, 2014

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1 Samuel 2:12-26

Boys behaving badly–that’s the story in 1 Samuel 2. Eli’s sons did not listen to their father’s rebuke. Sons who do not listen to their fathers’ wisdom are in a lamentable state of affairs. John Wesley commented on the situation of Eli’s sons, “They had now sinned away their day of grace.”* Contrast their behavior with that of the young Samuel, who grew “in stature and in favor with the Lord” (v. 26).

Because Eli’s sons did not know the Lord, they disregarded His law. They should have known better–after all, they were the sons of the high priest. Sadly, though, not even Eli could intercede for his sons’ wickedness before God.

Because they would not acknowledge the rebuke and repent of their behavior, Eli’s sons were beyond hope. Thankfully, there is hope for those who come before God in penitence and humility. The Father hears our cry, and for Jesus’ sake, takes all our sin away. Our sin can be forgiven–we can return to God.

There is redemption when we listen to our Father.

*John Wesley, Explanatory Notes upon the Old Testament, (vol. II, 1765).

Author: William A. Roberts

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