Praising God Because He Knows Best

September 3rd, 2014

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1 Samuel 2:1-11

The waiting is over, the prayers have been answered, the offering given, and the child dedicated to God’s service. What is there left to do?

Hannah knows what to do–spontaneously, she breaks into song. Though the text calls her words a prayer (v. 1), they are more than that.

All Hannah can think of is how good God has been. He is the God of all hope. Who, when ecstatic in the presence of God, can think of their problems? Our struggles provide the context for God’s help, and ultimately, they serve to increase our awareness of the support He provides. The result is that our problems pale in comparison to His mercy.

We cannot deny that we will have difficulties in this life, but the power of God overcomes them all. As Hannah proclaims in her joyful song to God her Helper, there is no one like Him. There is nothing like Him. Hannah cries out in joyful praise of God her Helper.

Joy is a defining characteristic of the Christian because God has helped us all. We are all the beneficiaries of His grace–He has made us glad.

Author: William A. Roberts

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